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Protected: Ripping apart more Dumbarse Phrases

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Dumbarse Phrases (Part IV)

"Don’t judge!" This is used so often and in such a cavalier manner, it should be criminal! Newsflash for those who would live by this code. We all judge. Every one of us on this ball of rivers ‘n’ roots … Continue reading

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Random thought….

If “it takes a whole village to raise a child”, the parents must not be doing something right…… ~MRDA~

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Continuing the Dumbarse Phrases Season (Part 3)

"Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." I can sincerely clasp hand across breast and say that whoever coined this immortal saying was: a)in denial b)talking horseshit! Saying THAT is like declaring that … Continue reading

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Dumbarse Slogans (Part II)

"There is no "I" in team" Of all the incessant, insipid, cockdropping…GAH! I just hate this fucking phrase with a vengeance! An extremely irritating (read:WANKY) way of getting one to bend over and touch one’s toes for the wants and … Continue reading

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Dumbarse Slogans (Part 1)

"One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter" Fucking hell! That has got to be one of the most fucking stupid sentences ever uttered by a so-called "rational" form of life. Were those Al-Qaeda cunts "freeing" the WTC victims from … Continue reading

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“Cheer Up, You Rich Cunt – you’re sorted!” “Is that so…?”

I dunno..this is summat that ALWAYS bothers me; the implicit “working-class” belief that money will somehow buy happiness, signifying the end of ALL an individual’s problems. And don’t say such an attitude doesn’t exist – it’s prevalent amongst people who … Continue reading

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