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Goff Limits! Pantheon of the Persecuted or the Patronised?

As if membership amongst the officially oppressed wasn’t crowded enough, Greater Manchester police saw fit to induct goths, metalheads, and others of “alternative” persuasion into the Pantheon of the Persecuted last week. Attacks against goths, punks, emo kids, metallers and … Continue reading

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Contagion! The FaceBorg Equality Epidemic

Thanks to a good chunk of my Facebook friendslist, I came face-to-face with the latest meme virus to infect the social conscience. Hear those squeaky wheels, lushes and reprobates? That’s the sound of the latest bandwagon rolling into town. Its … Continue reading

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The Bulging Blindspot: Consent, Culpability, & Consistency

Last fortnight marked the twenty year anniversary of the murder of James Bulger and, as expected, media outlets opined and emoted on cue about the fatal events that marked the day and “shocked the nation”. Inevitably, the commemorations bled over … Continue reading

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MRDArous Aphorisms: A Compilation

Sometimes, concision can make a better incision. If “real men don’t buy girls”, does that make the sex trade a collective hallucination? “Innocence” is merely an adult’s romanticised view of childhood ignorance. Intelligence is no guarantee of decreased fallibility; in … Continue reading

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Self-Service Checkout? Please Wait for Assistance…

I was rather amused by this piece of union meme-whorage popping up on my social network space last month. As well as the achingly desperate Luddite faggotry lying at the heart of this sorry crusade, the other amusing aspect of … Continue reading

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Ore no Nakama—Survive and Advance!

If I see the loved one suffer, I suffer with him, and I know no rest until I have tried everything to comfort and cheer him; if I see him glad, I too become glad over his joy. From this … Continue reading

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These Dreams # 2: Love is Destruction

Another day, another dream, and this one seems like a continuation of a rather striking one I had a year ago, not just in terms of cast but also theme. Annoyingly , I can’t remember the precise details of what … Continue reading

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These Dreams # 1: MRDA of a President

The funny thing about this dream is that I initially assumed I’d woken up from another whilst in  it… For some inexplicable reason, I was an army commander, and news of Obama’s assassination had just broken at the institute where … Continue reading

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Opposing Circumcision: A Shoah Thing?

It pleased me to read of a Cologne court’s decision to give the legality of child-circumcision the snip. Even a crotchety old anti-statist like myself can appreciate the few laws that uphold some level of liberty and isonomy in the … Continue reading

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The Great Becoming (Redux)

I’ve placed too much of myself right here, along the cable Too much remains erratic or, better yet, unstable You moved me like a puppet yet I gave you the strings the ones you used to pull me bound on … Continue reading

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